As Time Goes By

White Hunter

Series 2 - Episode 1 White Hunter



Lionel finishes his book and submits it to Alistair - who decides it needs a picture of the author on the cover. Unfortunately, choosing a suitable image proves troublesome. Starring Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer.

Cast & Crew

Jean Pargetter Judi Dench
Lionel Hardcastle Geoffrey Palmer
Alex Deacon Philip Bretherton
Judith Hanson Moira Brooker
Sandy Jenny Funnell
Oz Andrew Barclay
Lee Jane Robbins
Paddy Cherri Gilham
Young Man Jonathan Copestake
Waiter Nigel Fan
Chinese tourist Kwong Loke
Director Sydney Lotterby
Executive Producer Philip Jones
Producer Sydney Lotterby
Writer Bob Larbey
Writer Colin Bostock Smith
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