Jack Taylor: Shot Down

Jack Taylor: Shot Down

Series 2



Just when you thought the Irish “finder” couldn’t slip any further down the slope of alcohol-fuelled misery, he now has overwhelming guilt to aid his descent. Blaming himself for Cody’s shooting, he’s desperate to keep away from Galway and distract himself from his remorse. He finds himself in the middle of a travellers’ feud after he gets involved with Róisín, a traumatised young girl who witnessed her mother’s murder.

The local Garda’s half-hearted investigations turn up nothing but Jack is certain Róisín is the key to the murderer’s identity. Strong accents and Iain Glen’s Clint Eastwood-style mumbling make it hard to follow, but we do get to hear him sing (well, growl) and play guitar.


Jack encounters 11-year-old Roisin in Dublin, and discovers the girl has been left traumatised after witnessing the murder of her mother. He visits the travellers' camp where she lives and offers to stay and help find the killer, believing that he can unlock the girl's memory, but finds he also has to deal with a feud between rival families. Feature-length crime drama, starring Iain Glen.

Cast & Crew

Jack Taylor Iain Glen
Kate Noonan Nora-Jane Noone
Roisín Mangan Hazel Doupe
Sweeper Mangan Michael Collins
Kathleen Mangan Barbara Bergin
Eddie Mangan Karl Shiels
Ron Bryson Emmet Kirwan
Jonjo Kelly Eamonn Hunt
Hugh Kelly Stephen Cromwell
Bridie Hallahan Donna Dent
Mikey Ruaidhrí Conroy
Ned Whelan Garrett Keogh
Christy Flynn Mark Butler
Jimmy Byrne Martin `Beans' Ward
Cody Farraher Killian Scott
Director Stuart Orme
Executive Producer Ralph Christians
Executive Producer Klaus Bassiner
Executive Producer Wolfgang Witt
Executive Producer Clodagh Freeman
Writer Marteinn Thorisson
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