Coronation Street

Coronation Street

Episode 8400



Spoiler Alert! If you don’t want to find out what happens tonight, don’t read on. Show producer Stuart Blackburn admits to RT that killing Tina is “a massive gamble”, and he’s not wrong. Soap operas are replete with dead characters that show bosses must have loved to resurrect (think Tiffany Mitchell, Cindy Beale etc) and they certainly don’t come much bigger or more popular than Tina McIntyre.

Actress Michelle Keegan confesses that it felt like the right time to leave (see page 30), but you can’t help but feel that Blackburn’s legacy will be as the man who killed off both Hayley and Tina. “When you put it like that, I’m starting to feel really guilty,” he laughs. “But we have got some new characters coming in. It’s all about evolving and moving on.”


Carla blames Peter for Tina's fate and, handing him a bottle of vodka, suggests he drink himself to death. As he goes off into the night a broken man, will he take her advice? A guilty Steve tells Liz he already knew about the barmaid's relationship, while Tim realises how much effort Sally put into the meal and agrees to try harder to make things work.

Cast & Crew

Carla Barlow Alison King
Peter Barlow Chris Gascoyne
Tina McIntyre Michelle Keegan
Steve McDonald Simon Gregson
Liz McDonald Beverley Callard
Tim Metcalfe Joe Duttine
Sally Webster Sally Dynevor
Director Tony Prescott
Director Abe Juckes
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Writer Joe Turner
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