Dan’s recent impromptu proposal in the Woolpack with a makeshift ring really didn’t do the business for Kerry. “Must do better” was the unsurprising verdict, but I don’t think Kerry could ever have anticipated Dan’s latest move. Yes, it’s the day of the charity skydive and Dan has a very special message ready to be unfurled on his parachute.

Pollard, meanwhile, fears he won’t be able to make the jump at all and Val is doing little on the ground to allay his concerns, as she frets about whether his poor heart can take the strain. Hopefully he won’t spot the flashing lights of the ambulance waiting on standby…


Hour-long episode. At the cricket pavilion, Val is overwhelmed by the scale of the fundraiser but disappointed to hear Eric is taking part in the skydive, thinking he's trying to steal the limelight. Upset with her reaction, he decides to pull out, but will Rodney be able to change his mind? Meanwhile, Kerry seems determined not to watch Dan do the jump, unaware he's planning a mid-air marriage proposal, Chas's efforts backfire when she tries to build bridges between James and Adam, and Zak considers going on the run with Lisa and Belle as the trial looms.