Made in Chelsea

Made in Chelsea

Series 1 - Episode 8



It’s the final episode and the big question is whether the rather lupine Spencer is going to get his act together before Caggie leaves for New York. Prepare yourself for a cliché-ridden last-minute dash to the airport.

Altogether more agreeable is polo-playing Francis’s session with his life coach, where he’s asked to picture himself on an overpopulated hot-air balloon that needs to shed weight. What qualities would convince fellow passengers that he should be kept on board? “I can do magic,” he manages. “What else? Dammit, I’m running out of things. I do graffiti.” At this point, you imagine he’d be lifted up by his jodhpurs and flung off.


The friends attend Francis's polo match as he tries to make amends following Agne's resignation and his fight with Rosie. Meanwhile, Ollie encounters Gabriella on a date with her new love interest, and Spencer's efforts to move on could be made more difficult by Caggie's decision to head to New York.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Sarah Dillistone
Executive Producer David Granger
Series Producer Sharyn Mills