Episode 6882



Soap opera viewers are averse to a didactic, preachy plotline and there was a real danger that the story of Val’s HIV could have been exactly that. Thankfully, what we’re getting is the opposite: by having a normally comedic character like Val contract the virus, there’s been a welcome mix of poignancy and gallows humour, while long-standing players Charlie Hardwick and Chris Chittell are both rising to the challenge of charting new territory.

In this episode we have a classic cross-wires scenario when Val becomes convinced that Eric is trawling internet dating sites. He is, in fact, setting up the Valerie Pollard Foundation and looking for fundraising ideas.


With Chas's confession playing on his mind, James tells her the truth about Adam, despite Moira's objections, but her reaction isn't what he expected. Dan grows jealous of Kerry and new houseguest Laurent, Diane discovers Eric's big plans for Val, and Donna warns Ross not to sell on the stolen goods as the police are looking for them. However, he soon arranges a meeting with a buyer.