My Granny the Escort

My Granny the Escort


Why would a woman decide to become an escort in her later years? This revealing documentary attempts to find out, as it follows three busy grandmothers who work in the sex industry.

Beverley operates from her suburban home, where complimentary tea and biscuits are all part of the service. She’s been working as an escort for 25 years, and hasn’t had a partner in all that time.

Sophie lives alone in an isolated rural community. On her 50th birthday she decided to bring more adventure into her life. Now her entire world revolves around sex.

At the age of 84, Sheila is the oldest and most expensive of the three. She’s recovering from major surgery, yet eager to return to the fray. Having outlived both her husbands, she says her job provides companionship above all else.

Despite the unusual subject matter, prurience is kept at bay by director Charlie Russell’s sensitive and non-judgemental approach. He evidently formed a close bond with these women, who talk frankly and good-naturedly about their lives. Yet they’re also afflicted with terrible loneliness.

As a direct result of their vocation, Sophie and Sheila are both estranged from their families. And with time on the march, all three seem to be in two minds about staying in the escort business. It’s a thoughtful, poignant film. 



Their clients are men of all ages, some as young as 20. Award-winning film-maker Charlie Russell offers a frank, intimate and revealing portrait of three of Britain's mature escorts - older women who choose to sell sex from hotel rooms and their homes. As well as topping up their pensions, these women seem to be enjoying themselves in their chosen profession, but the documentary also questions how such a lifestyle can co-exist with their family lives and roles as mothers and grandparents.

Cast & Crew

Director Charlie Russell
Executive Producer Ruth Kelly
Executive Producer Morgan Matthews
Producer Jenny Williams