Series 1 - Episode 1 1930



“Football’s coming home” – when England fans strike up that refrain in Brazil, locals might retort that it already has. The home of the World Cup, as this documentary shows, is South American.

In 1930, Uruguay, fresh from their 1928 Olympic football triumph, offered to host a new international tournament. So dedicated were they to Fifa’s bright idea that they offered to foot the bill for all participating nations. Even so, only four European teams made the transatlantic voyage: Romania, France and Belgium shared a cruise, while Yugoslavia made their way alone after travelling companions Egypt were delayed and left behind. With 13 inaugural competitors, it was an inauspicious start, but the seed had been sown.


New series. The first of Fifa's 14 documentaries about football world cups looks back at the inaugural staging of a tournament that has since developed into the largest single-sport event on the planet. Uruguay hosted the event in 1930 and beat Argentina in the final, with South American teams to the fore as the leading European nations struggled with the cost and time needed to travel to the continent.