Vote 2014




If you are a good citizen, you voted in the European elections. If you live in one of the 161 English councils holding local elections, you voted twice. Unfortunately the European results will not be announced for a few days, meaning this coverage could consist of David Dimbleby moping around, eating Pringles, whingeing that no one came to his party.

It’s worth staying up; Nick Robinson will be auguring what the results might mean for next year’s general election, with Jeremy Vine in the holodeck looking for trends. All eyes are on UKIP, who broke into the mainstream with 2013’s surprisingly strong performance. One year and numerous gaffes later, can they manage it again?


David Dimbleby presents as votes are counted in the English local council elections around the country. Emily Maitlis has news of the individual results as they come in, while Jeremy Vine's virtual-reality graphics help examine and identify long-term trends. Regional teams will be at most of the counts and BBC political editor Nick Robinson assesses the impact the results will have on next year's general election.
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