Series 4 - Episode 6 Aftertaste



Allison starts having dreams that one of Devalos's strongest political supporters is involved in a conspiracy, and Bridgette is apparently being sent communications from a creditor on the other side of the world, prompting Joe to take action.

Cast & Crew

Allison DuBois Patricia Arquette
Joe DuBois Jake Weber
Manuel Devalos Miguel Sandoval
Det Lee Scanlon David Cubitt
Ariel DuBois Sofia Vassilieva
Bridgette DuBois Maria Lark
Senator Jed Garrity Gregory Itzin
Dr Evan Sabo Roger Aaron Brown
Young Evan Sabo Arjay Smith
Michael Rhodes James Immekus
Gordon LaRoche Sean Wing
Garrity's friend Kevin Cooney
Garrity's friend 2 Barry Cullison
Mr Reshmi Lak Rana
Actor Laura Eichhorn
Young Jed Garrity Jacob Fishel
Political consultant Bryan T Donovan
Director Miguel Sandoval
Writer Craig Sweeny
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