Imagine: Rio 50 Degrees - Carry on CaRIOca

Series 25 - Episode 1 Imagine: Rio 50 Degrees - Carry on CaRIOca



Julien Temple applies his kaleidoscopic camera to Rio de Janeiro and cooks up a rich portrait of the city. He has done this sort of thing before in Requiem for Detroit and London: the Modern Babylon and it’s an evocative way to set the scene for a city that will host the World Cup in a few weeks, and the 2016 Olympics.

Great archive clips (from films, documentaries and music videos) are intercut with scenes from the city today and interviews with Cariocas (Rio residents) – a 13-year-old who sleeps on the beach, a socialite, a transsexual prostitute, a taxi driver, and so on. The result is a whirl of impressions and images, but it’s not just impressionistic: there’s insight and social history here, too.


Alan Yentob presents another chance to see the documentary focusing on Brazil, originally shown when the country was less than a month away from hosting the football World Cup and two years before the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. As the eyes of the world prepared to focus on the city, documentary film-maker Julien Temple explores its cultural history, which is one of extremes. While many see it as a tropical paradise, it remains divided by class and ravaged by poverty, enduring an ongoing fight between police and the drug lords from the slums. The film is soundtracked with the exhilarating samba music that has both reflected and influenced the decades of social change in the city.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alan Yentob
Director Julien Temple
Series Editor Alan Yentob
Arts Documentary