A Cure for What Ails You

Series 4 - Episode 13 A Cure for What Ails You



Allison's health is jeopardised as she tries to find a connection between several seemingly accidental deaths. To complicate matters, she also has chilling visions of a hospital visit. On the domestic front, Marie realises she needs glasses.

Cast & Crew

Allison DuBois Patricia Arquette
Joe DuBois Jake Weber
Det Lee Scanlon David Cubitt
Lynn DiNovi Tina DiJoseph
Bridgette DuBois Maria Lark
Marie DuBois Miranda Carabello
Tom Van Dyke John Prosky
Russell Furlough William Ragsdale
Optometrist JD Cullum
Marjorie Hastings Serena Reeder
Director Arlene Sanford
Writer Corey Reed
Writer Travis Donnelly
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