Inspector Wexford


Series 5 - Episode 6 Simisola



The inspector ventures into the sensitive area of race relations to investigate the disappearance of a Nigerian doctor's daughter. The murder of a Job Centre clerk gives him his first clue - but cracking the case promises to be far from easy. Drama, also starring Christopher Ravenscroft as Wexford's trusty sidekick DI Burden, with Jane Lapotaire, Robin Kermode and George Harris.

Cast & Crew

Det Chief Insp Reg Wexford George Baker
Chief Insp Burden Christopher Ravenscroft
Anouk Khoori Jane Lapotaire
Sgt Vine Robin Kermode
Dr Raymond Akande George Harris
Sylvia Wexford/Fairfax Charon Bourke
DS Karen Malahyde Sasha Mitchell
Director Jim Goddard
Dramatised By Alan Plater
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