The Supervet

Series 1 - Episode 1



Channel 4 has struck documentary gold at the practice of Surrey vet Noel Fitzpatrick. He’s a renowned surgeon, devising bizarre procedures that give injured pets a lifeline – bionic limbs being a speciality. Watching him at work is extraordinary.

In the most intense sequence, Fitzpatrick is trying to save a ginger cat called Tiger who has gone into cardiac arrest. As a crowd of staff work to revive the poor creature, Noel tries a last resort, inserting his fingers into Tiger’s chest and massaging the heart to get it started again. It’s a scene worthy of any medical drama, or 24 Hours in A&E, which this often resembles. High praise indeed.


David and Gill and their son Freddie are hoping Noel Fitzpatrick can help their Labrador Scooby, who has a life-threatening tumour in his leg. The vet goes to extraordinary lengths to save the life of Tiger the cat after his heart stops during his recovery from an operation, and when a lurcher called Otis brought in with shotgun wounds, Noel must extract the bullet before working out how to save the animal's leg. Plus, will a pair of tights help a French bulldog walk again?

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Alistair Pegg