Heston's Great British Food


Series 1 - Episode 4 Pies

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The culinary alchemist is back to transform more home-grown dishes into sense-confounding feasts. Tonight it’s the turn of the pie, which started life humbly as medieval Tupperware but was the centrepiece of court banquets by the 17th century.

Instead of pork and egg, Heston’s gala pie is beetroot and horseradish ice cream garnished with a goat’s cheese and saffron egg (with authentically runny yolk, naturally). Less appetising is his playful twist on a Victorian penny pie served with turnip and squid-ink eyeballs, cheesy fingers and chicken-liver mousse ears.

Nor does he forget the sides: he sends a potato into space in the hope it will make the fluffiest mash ever. Just as interesting as the gastro-experiments is his potted history of the pie.


Heston Blumenthal delves into the history of iconic British dishes to find inspiration for a culinary salute, beginning with a three-course pie banquet. For his starter, he learns about the `surprise' pies of the 17th century and a dwarf boy who would jump out of one at a grand feast. Heston prepares a gala pie made up of beetroot and horseradish ice-cream in place of meat, with goat's cheese panna cotta, saffron and bacon, and the main course is a gothic affair inspired by Sweeney Todd. The chef also sets out to make the lightest ever mash with an attempt to change the molecular structure of a potato. The dinner is served to a select group of pie-makers 100ft in the air over the East End of London.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Heston Blumenthal
Director Jay Taylor
Executive Producer Jenny Byrom
Series Producer Mark Ball