Love for Sale with Rupert Everett

Love for Sale with Rupert Everett

Series 1 - Episode 1



That Rupert Everett, he’s very bold, comparing actors to prostitutes and claiming “we are the world’s oldest professions”. Everett has friends of both sexes who work in prostitution, and he feels they are misunderstood and dismissed as victims.

So he goes to Exeter to meet a woman who’s won the Sex Worker of the Year award and has dinner with a very confident male escort who advertises himself as “British Beef Bruno”. But for all of his bravado Bruno just a bit too breezily talks of the eight fellow escorts and friends who have committed suicide, such was their loneliness.

And Everett heads to Paris to the patch by the Bois de Boulogne where one of his best friends was last seen working as a prostitute. Her body turned up days later; she’d been murdered.


In the first of a two-part documentary asking why people buy and sell sex, the actor and writer meets an Exeter housewife who claims to love her line of work, a Mayfair escort who charges £700 an hour and the young male prostitutes of the backstreets of Tel Aviv in Israel. As he explores the motivations of sex workers, Rupert offers a defence of the dignity and rights of those he feels have been unjustly stigmatised for thousands of years.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Rupert Everett
Director Michael Waldman
Executive Producer Neil Crombie
Executive Producer Joe Evans