King and Maxwell

Job Security

Series 1 - Episode 8 Job Security



A head of security hires Sean and Michelle to retrieve a stolen phone, supposedly important for its sentimental value. However, the device actually contains valuable information and before long the duo find themselves pursued by the FBI, a dubious lawyer and members of a drug cartel. Jon Tenney and Rebecca Romijn star.

Cast & Crew

Sean King Jon Tenney
Michelle Maxwell Rebecca Romijn
Edgar Roy Ryan Hurst
FBI Agent Frank Rigby Michael O'Keefe
Jose Alvarado Adrian Holmes
George Clark Spencer Garrett
Hamilton G Skales Daniel Roebuck
Leo Goldberg John Innes
Ernesto Ortega Patrick Sabongui
Dax Walters Brendan Fletcher
Benny Dichen Lachman
Director Jonathan Frakes
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