The Jesus Mysteries

The Jesus Mysteries


When a documentary introduces Jesus Christ as “perhaps the most famous man ever to walk this planet,” you start to worry. When it goes on to claim “his life was full of bizarre events” (that would be the miracles then) you wonder if they have missed the point. Yet this isn’t as facile as it first appears. Rather than the Dan Brown-style conspiracies suggested by the title, it spotlights some lesser-known aspects of the gospels and religious history.

The seven “mysteries” chosen are a bit of a grab bag: Was St Peter a cowardly moron? Was Mary Magdalene really a former prostitute? And did those feet in ancient times walk upon England’s mountains green? Nevertheless you’re sure to learn something new.


Documentary examining the life of Jesus, questioning many assumptions about His relatively short time on Earth and asking how much the story has been embellished over the centuries.