Series 1 - Episode 2



Undeniable is one of those brisk and efficient two-part thrillers that ITV does so well. It doesn’t ask much of its audience, we don’t have to hang around long enough to become too involved with the characters, and the story is focused and to-the-point. So, after a pair of episodes, job done, as they say.

Even if you make a good guess as to where it will end up, it’s worth seeing things through. Traumatised young mother Jane Phillips is starting to unravel. She thinks she’s recognised the man who murdered her mother in front of her when she was a child.

She’s accused respectable oncologist Andrew Rawlins (Peter Firth) of the crime, which is surely unthinkable as he’s a pillar of the community. It’s all terribly contrived, but the performances, particularly from Goose, Firth and Pippa Haywood as a determined cop, are strong.


Conclusion. In spite of Andrew's DNA test results establishing his innocence, Jane remains convinced she is right and her determination to prove his guilt becomes increasingly irrational and obsessive. Her life unravelling, it seems all hope is lost when her ally, Detective Ali Hall, is relieved of the investigation. However, a confrontation with the oncologist's daughter Emma hardens Jane's resolve and triggers a series of consequences that neither of them could have foreseen. Drama, starring Claire Goose and Peter Firth, with Felix Scott, Christine Bottomley, Pippa Haywood and Robert Pugh.

Cast & Crew

Jane Phillips Claire Goose
Andrew Rawlins Peter Firth
Emma Rawlins Christine Bottomley
DI Alison Hall Pippa Haywood
Pete Robert Pugh
Rob Felix Scott
Isobel Hendrie Diana Kent
Tim Hendrie Sean Baker
Jo Haywood Caroline O'Neill
DS Mark Renwick Nick Lee
Det Supt Vikram Singh Shashi Rami
Beth Rawlins Sarah Winman
Young Annie Alisha Kelly
Miss Maclean Nika McGuigan
Max Rawlins Robert Thompson
Director John Strickland
Producer Jeremy Gwilt
Writer Chris Lang
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