Law & Order: UK

Bad Romance

Series 8 - Episode 6 Bad Romance



The last episode was a tough one to watch, and don't expect any let-up here. What opens as a faintly flippant set-up in a dingy hotel – skinny bloke in drag, ladies of the night, a lot of mystery blood found covering sheets, but no body – turns into a murky, upsetting story.

Law & Order likes to take on difficult subject matter, but it would be more credible if the characters and settings ran remotely true. James Wilby guest-stars as a cartoon toff with a nightmare wife and a house in Holland Park. None of what unfolds makes much human sense – in fact it has all the social realism of Poirot – but it is steeped in snobbery, inverted snobbery and pain. Joe in particular is not happy.


A blood-spattered hotel room and a stolen credit card lead Ronnie and Joe to Charles Hutton, a member of the wealthy upper classes who dotes on his wife Camille and daughter Georgia. The detectives find clues that suggest Georgia gave birth at the scene, but where is the baby now? The young woman and her boyfriend Rufus prove difficult for Jake and Kate to prosecute, and to make matters worse, the defence counsel turns out to be Jake's old nemesis. As the evidence stacks up, how far will Charles go to protect his privileged family? Guest starring James Wilby and Joseph Millson.

Cast & Crew

Ronnie Brooks Bradley Walsh
Joe Hawkins Ben Bailey Smith
Wes Leyton Paterson Joseph
Jacob `Jake' Thorne Dominic Rowan
Kate Barker Georgia Taylor
Henry Sharpe Peter Davison
Linda Lacey Bond
Alan Philip Rosch
Magda Anna Marie Cseh
Ioana Svetlana Biba
Joy Nicola Sanderson
Edward Blanchard Steve Furst
Kayla Adelayo Adedayo
Charles Hutton James Wilby
Marsalee Joanna Brookes
Camille Hutton Emma Campbell-Jones
Georgia Hutton Lucy Boynton
Edmund Rintoul Nicholas Jones
Rufus Barton Greg Austin
Harold Maysby Paul Bentall
Lilly Adjoa Andoh
Poppy Lupton Alice Sanders
Dr Elizabeth Rawls Nimmy March
Karen Hannay Janet Dibley
Maitland Cosby Joseph Millson
Justice O'Neill Karen Archer
Director Joss Agnew
Executive Producer Dick Wolf
Executive Producer Alison Jackson
Executive Producer Jane Featherstone
Producer Jane Dauncey
Writer Louise Ironside
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