15,000 Kids and Counting

The Transition

Series 1 - Episode 3 The Transition



After more than two years in foster care, seven-year-old Lauren and her three-year-old brother Liam have found a new family, which will delight everyone who has followed the children’s progress through these three warm and optimistic films. But Lauren is anxious at losing everything familiar, including her lovely foster parents (and what heroes all these selfless and wonderful people are). “What if they don’t like me?” Lauren asks her social worker of her adoptive parents Rob and Carol. “What if I don’t like them? What if I don’t like their house?”

Rob and Carol, meanwhile, have spent three years undergoing the adoption process and all its gruelling assessments. As they approach the final meeting where their adoption of Lauren and Liam will finally be decided, the strain quite understandably begins to tell.


The documentary charts the transition from the familiar foster home to the unknown of adoptive parents. As reality sets in, adults and children alike discover the prospect of learning to fit in to a new family can be daunting, with both sides hoping they will be loved and accepted. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Director Brian Woods
Series Producer Chris Eley