Episode 1259 Southport



Antony Gormley’s standing men sculptures are eerily beautiful, disconcerting additions to the shoreline of Crosby in Merseyside. Sometimes they are rooted on the sand, seeming to stand sentry, other times they are apparently marooned in the surf. On a Countryfile trip to the North West, Shauna Lowry talks to their unassuming creator.

Meanwhile, Matt Baker makes himself useful in Southport on the Merseyside coast when he looks at the history of shrimping, while Ellie Harrison puts on her wellies to help with the harvesting of this year’s first crop of potatoes. In the investigative bit of the show, Tom Heap wonders what’s happened to farmland birds in the UK.


The Merseyside coast around Southport is the setting this week as Matt Baker looks at the history of shrimping in the area and Ellie Harrison visits a farming family as they harvest this year's first crop of potatoes. Shauna Lowry meets a couple of brothers inspired by the area's seascapes and talks to artist Antony Gormley about his standing men statues, spread out along the shoreline of Crosby beach. Tom Heap investigates the demise of farmland birds in the UK over the past few decades and Adam Henson looks at the latest gadgets available to farmers.