Episode 6870



In the past couple of years, Cain Dingle has transformed from master criminal into the village’s moral barometer and you can’t help but have sympathy for him as he anxiously awaits the arrival of bride Moira. She, of course, is in tears and worried sick that James is going to ruin her big day now that he’s certain Adam is his son. Will the nuptials go ahead?

There are tensions, too, at the other wedding as Charity prepares to get spliced for the third time. Megan is determined to ruin the big day and indulges in some tricks worthy of the Hooded Claw from The Perils of Penelope Pitstop.


On the morning of her wedding, a tearful Moira leaves James a voicemail, pleading with him not to spoil things, but he later makes it clear that if she doesn't stop the ceremony, he will. Meanwhile, Charity is saddened to be getting ready for her own big day alone, and tries to convince herself she's doing the right thing. Laurel worries about Marlon's priorities.