Episode 6866



Moira is delighted when she finds out that the Woolpack staff have planned her hen night. And she’s overwhelmed when Cain tells her that they’re marrying next week. But if she knew what brooding James Barton (Bill Ward) was up to behind the scenes, then that smile would be wiped from her face. Convinced that her son Adam is his, James has gone and bought a DNA testing kit – something that I don’t think was on Moira’s wedding-gift list.

“If Adam is James’s son, that’s tremendously bad news for all concerned,” says Ward. “For Moira, it means that John wasn’t Adam’s dad. For James, it means he has to tell his kids that the last 22 years have been a lie.” Those Barton boys have been nothing but trouble since the day they rocked up at Butler’s, so best prepare for tension at next week’s nuptials.


Moira arrives at the Woolpack to find the locals are throwing her a surprise hen party, and although stunned when Cain suggests they are marrying next week, she agrees. However, James could be about to burst her bubble as he makes a discovery while packing his things. Elsewhere, a drunken Debbie invites Ross back to hers, and Sean tries to find time alone with Belle.