Series 1 - Episode 3



Nobody, but nobody can burble the jargon like Siobhan. Here she is talking about the possibility of a new BBC logo, maybe one that makes it look more like an app? “You homescreen your brand takeaway right there in the logo. You’re drinking from the firehose from the get-go. It’s a no-brainer.” Brilliant, isn’t it? And as the redesign proceeds there’s more absurdity from her and her “Ideation Architect”.

Everywhere you look there are deft comedy moments: nice-but-dim Will has the taxing job of putting invitations in envelopes for his beloved Izzy. The controller of news has to apologise for an apology. And a nervous writer pitches a script to ice-cool Anna Rampton (Sarah Parish), but first he must sit on a ludicrous stool.


Anna advocates moving Songs of Praise to radio to free up a primetime TV slot for her own series Britain's Tastiest Village, while Ian's salary comes under intense scrutiny in the press after it is revealed he earns more than the prime minister. Neil has to deal with the fallout from a blunder in news coverage of the Syrian crisis and Siobhan and her team at Perfect Curve are asked to redesign the BBC logo. Spoof documentary, starring Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Tennant
Actor Hugh Bonneville
Actor Jessica Hynes
Actor Jason Watkins
Actor Monica Dolan
Actor Hugh Skinner
Actor Nina Sosanya
Actor Sarah Parish
Actor David Westhead
Actor Ophelia Lovibond
Actor Jonathan Bailey
Actor Max Olesker
Actor Ivan Gonzalez
Actor Tom Basden
Actor Daniel Ings
Actor Sara Pascoe
Actor Alex Beckett
Actor Joel Fry
Actor Adrian Der Gregorian
Director John Morton
Producer Paul Schlesinger
Writer John Morton
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