Meet the Family

Series 1 - Episode 1 Meet the Family



If you love monkeys – and who doesn’t, they are dexterous, funny, quixotic and clever – then you’ll adore this encyclopaedic canter around the habitats of the world’s simians.

Dr George McGavin (from The One Show) is our guide during an enchanting film, the first of three. We watch orangutans in Borneo as they observe then copy human behaviour. One scribbles on a pad with a pen while another, with great delicacy, lathers up some soap and washes himself. Those impassive, sagacious faces are so appealing.

It’s hard to resist the word “cute” as Japanese macaques, or “snow monkeys”, huddle together for warmth at night in the tops of trees, like one big giant furry duvet. Then there are the gibbons, pelting through tree tops with a furiously balletic grace. There’s some great footage, including a baboon snatching a flamingo in flight for dinner.


Zoologist George McGavin explores the world of primates, from strange lemurs and acrobatic monkeys to enigmatic apes. He uncovers the secrets of the primates' success - their survival tactics and physical adaptations - and how their lives mirror those of their human cousins. He begins by meeting an orang-utan that uses soap to improve its personal hygiene, baboons with a taste for flamingos, criminal-minded macaques and fluorescent mandrills that don warpaint before going into battle.

Cast & Crew

Presenter George McGavin
Executive Producer Chris Cole
Producer Giles Badger
Series Producer Jo Shinner