Monarch of the Glen

Monarch of the Glen

Series 5 - Episode 8



Lexie is furious that Dorothy has taken over the island in the middle of the loch for her latest business venture - a tai chi retreat - and enlists Golly to sabotage the scheme. Molly struggles to put her break-up behind her, and Paul is roped into the housework. Dawn Steele stars.

Cast & Crew

Duncan McKay Hamish Clark
Jessica McCrae Rae Hendrie
Paul Bowman Lloyd Owen
Hermione Trumpington-Bonnet Hermione Gulliford
Lady Dorothy Trumpington-Bonnet Richenda Carey
Ewan Brodie Martin Compston
Lexie MacDonald Dawn Steele
Molly MacDonald Susan Hampshire
Golly MacKenzie Alexander Morton
Andrew Booth Paul Freeman
Director Ian Knox
Writer Andrew Taft
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