Coronation Street

Coronation Street

Episode 8352



It says a lot when Owen Armstrong is the calming influence in a partnership, but then we are talking about Gary here – someone you feel is a mere gamma ray away from turning into the Incredible Hulk. The lava-haired Windass decides to break into Phelan’s house and steal that incriminating DVD, but Owen proves determined to lay down the law.

Over at No 13, Stella (remember her? She used to be a main character but now seems to be a supporting artiste with the odd line) is thinking of starting afresh away from Weatherfield. Fingers crossed she can find another town in the UK with an ever-ready supply of beige-coloured sleeveless tops.


Gary has a row with Owen and decides to break into Phelan's house and steal the DVD with the incriminating footage, while Carla asks Michelle to accompany her to the abortion clinic. Norris takes delight in telling Beth about the derogatory online comments he's read that poke fun at her figure, David and Kylie plan a romantic evening out and Gail agrees to babysit, even though she dreads being alone in the house.

Cast & Crew

Gary Windass Mikey North
Owen Armstrong Ian Puleston-Davies
Carla Barlow Alison King
Michelle Connor Kym Marsh
Norris Cole Malcolm Hebden
Beth Tinker Lisa George
David Platt Jack P Shepherd
Kylie Platt Paula Lane
Gail McIntyre Helen Worth
Director Judith Dine
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Writer Susan Oudot
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