Inspector De Luca

Carte Blanche

Series 1 - Episode 2 Carte Blanche



This second film leaps forward to April 1945, thereby skipping most of the war. It finds Italian citizens living in a state of fear, intimidated by the SS and scared of what will happen to collaborators after the fighting.

Such anxiety burdens De Luca, too. Since we last saw him in 1938, he has saved Mussolini’s life (inadvertently) and been hailed as “the best detective in Italy”. He just wants to get on with the job of policing crime – this week, the slaying of a lothario.

It’s a fraught case: De Luca is chased by gunmen in Bologna’s shadowy porticos, but he finds solace, improbably, with a comely medium during an air raid.


April, 1945. Having inadvertently been credited with saving Il Duce's life, De Luca becomes a reluctant hero and is promoted to a high-profile job in Bologna. His first task is to head a murder investigation that will lead him to delve into the private lives of the rich and powerful during the frantic final days of the fascist regime. Italian detective drama, starring Alessandro Preziosi.