Series 1 - Episode 1 Pilot



This fantasy offering from movie giants Alfonso Cuarón and JJ Abrams certainly gets off to a flying start. A little girl, Bo, is taken from the scene of a car crash in which her foster parents are summarily murdered. Meanwhile Tate, a death row prisoner, is niftily broken out of jail by a Mission: Impossible-like team and tasked with protecting Bo, who has a set of very special skills – levitation, precognition, mind-reading and the like. They’re soon on the run from a mysterious mogul and his unwavering henchwoman.

Plotwise, it sounds unpromising – as well as keeping Bo safe, Tate has to follow her as she does “good deeds” – but this pilot episode, directed by Cuarón, is saved by frenetic pacing and a sweet but not cloying young lead in Johnny Sequoyah as Bo. Familiar faces include Delroy Lindo and Kyle MacLachlan.


A wrongfully imprisoned convict is charged with protecting a 10-year-old girl with supernatural powers from evil forces. Fantasy drama series, starring Jake McLaughlin.

Cast & Crew

Tate Jake McLaughlin
Bo Johnny Sequoyah
Winter Delroy Lindo
George Remy Auberjonois
Channing Jamie Chung
Gibbs Mark Delabarre
Moore Sienna Guillory
Sparks Tracy Howe
Skouras Kyle MacLachlan
Dr Adam Terry Rami Malek
Corey Arian Moayed
Joshua Rob Morgan
Director Alfonso Cuaron
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