Series 2 - Episode 2



Chandler and Miles continue their efforts to track down the killer, who is using the legacy of the Kray twins to invoke fear and paranoia on the streets of Whitechapel. When the threats become personal, the detectives begin to wonder just how far the murderer's power reaches. Crime thriller, starring Rupert Penry-Jones, Phil Davis and Steve Pemberton.

Cast & Crew

DI Joseph Chandler Rupert Penry-Jones
DS Ray Miles Phil Davis
Edward Buchan Steve Pemberton
DC Emerson Kent Sam Stockman
DC Finley Mansell Ben Bishop
DC John McCormack George Rossi
Jimmy/Johnny Kray Craig Parkinson
DCI Torbin Cazenove Peter Serafinowicz
Jack Cheshire Steve Nicolson
Dr Caroline Llewellyn Claire Rushbrook
PC Leo Fitzgerald Christopher Fulford
DS Christopher Cedra Daniel Percival
Angie Brooks Chrissie Cotterill
Mad Danny Durbridge Robert Putt
Lord Hessel Nicholas Blane
Mr Wilmot Richard Clifford
Wayland David Mumeni
Fake CPS lawyer Martin Turner
Blind beggar barmaid Lacey Bond
Blond boy Charlie Covell
Dangerous dad Luing Andrews
Dying assassin Colin Campbell
Director David Evans
Executive Producer Sally Woodward Gentle
Producer Grainne Marmion
Writer Ben Court
Writer Caroline Ip
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