Mr Selfridge

Series 2 - Episode 10



When characters visit doctors, the news is never good and you know that a case of Costume Drama Cough can’t be far away. So it is here, in the final episode, when Rose Selfridge learns why she’s been feeling a bit off-colour.

Back at the shop her wet-eyed husband decides to turn a returning war hero’s story into a retail strategy with a Comforts of the Home Front theme that seems to be centred mainly on jam. As the endless, tedious procurement scandal reaches its conclusion it’s Thanksgiving and the American Selfridge family sits down to dinner. Mr Selfridge will return for a third series, but it badly needs to sharpen up its act. Some actual stories would be a start.


Harry is desperate to clear his name in time for Thanksgiving, but things get worse instead of better for the retail magnate when Rose brings him bad news. Meanwhile, a rowdy dinner takes place at the Selfridge house with all the family and new houseguest Lady Mae, and there is a promise of exciting new horizons for Victor, Agnes and Henri. Starring Jeremy Piven and Frances O'Connor.

Cast & Crew

Harry Selfridge Jeremy Piven
Rose Selfridge Frances O'Connor
Lady Mae Katherine Kelly
Lord Loxley Aidan McArdle
Miss Mardle Amanda Abbington
Henri Leclair Gregory Fitoussi
Agnes Towler Aisling Loftus
Victor Colleano Trystan Gravelle
Mr Crabb Ron Cook
Mr Grove Tom Goodman-Hill
Miss Hawkins Amy Beth Hayes
Mr Thackeray Cal MacAninch
Frank Edwards Samuel West
Lois Selfridge Kika Markham
Gordon Selfridge Greg Austin
Rosalie Selfridge Poppy Lee Friar
Violette Selfridge Millie Brady
Beatrice Selfridge Alana Boden
Franco Sean Teale
Florian Dupont Oliver Farnworth
Miss Blenkinsop Deborah Cornelius
Miss Plunkett Sadie Shimmin
Grace Amy Morgan
Dr Mann Terence Harvey
George Towler Calum Callaghan
Jessie Sai Bennett
Fraser Malcolm Rennie
Lord Edgerton Raymond Coulthard
Director Rob Evans
Executive Producer Kate O'Riordan
Executive Producer Kate Lewis
Executive Producer Kate Brooke
Executive Producer Andrew Davies
Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton
Producer Cherry Gould
Producer Jeremy Piven
Producer Vanessa de Souza
Writer Kate O'Riordan
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