Secrets of Bones

Food for Thought

Series 1 - Episode 5 Food for Thought



Here’s clear scientific evidence explaining why Homer Simpson has an overbite: it’s all those doughnuts. Ben Garrod shows how changes in humans’ diets – from tough, fibrous foods to the more soft, sticky and sweet – have resulted in rapid evolutionary changes in the shape of our jaws.

He’s looking at how bones helped vertebrates devour every kind of food on earth, and as well as making a model of his own skull (“Weird!”) there is a demonstration of the three skeletal adaptations that set humans apart from other primates with opposable thumbs, and a celebration of the remarkable fingers of “the most extraordinary predator on Earth”, the aye-aye.


Evolutionary biologist Ben Garrod explores how vertebrates capture and devour their food, looking at adaptations in their skeletons that help them eat. The presenter examines the jaws of a sperm whale, finds out which animal has teeth that weigh 5kg each, and reveals which creature uses its skull as a suction pump.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ben Garrod
Director Ingrid Kvale
Executive Producer Jonny Keeling
Producer Ingrid Kvale
Series Producer Aaron Paul