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Murray Walker

Murray Walker



I had to double check that Murray Walker had never been a guest on Desert Island Discs before. He hasn’t, so this is a long overdue castaway moment for him — and for us. Now 91 years old, Walker is still called upon by the BBC to offer his expertise on Formula One racing.

Walker’s familiar voice is as energised and enthusiastic as ever as he tells Kirsty Young about the huge influence of his father (also a broadcaster and commentator) and how for years he had to live a double life. During the week he worked as an advertising executive — he was the man who brought us “Opal Fruits: made to make you mouth water” — while at the weekends he grafted as a motorbike and, later, motor-racing commentator.

No spoilers, of course, but he does choose one record that symbolises F1


Broadcaster and former motor racing commentator Murray Walker, who celebrated his 90th birthday in October, talks to Kirsty Young and selects eight favourite recordings to take to the BBC's mythical island.