Free Spirits

Series 1 - Episode 6 Free Spirits



Justine plans to surprise Seth with a warm welcome home from a fishing job in Alaska, but when he doesn't return as planned, she becomes concerned for his safety. Meanwhile, Jack informs Olivia that he has been offered a job that may take him out of town. Drama following the fortunes of Olivia Lockhart, a small-town judge, both inside and away from the courtroom.

Cast & Crew

Olivia Lockhart Andie MacDowell
Justine Lockhart Sarah Smyth
Jack Griffith Dylan Neal
Grace Sherman Teryl Rothery
Charlotte Jeffers Paula Shaw
Eric Griffith Tom Stevens
Seth Gunderson Corey Sevier
Maryellen Sherman Elyse Levesque
Moon Timothy Webber
John Bowman Charlie Carrick
Cliff Harting Sebastian Spence
Director Michael Scott
Executive Producer Michael Scott
Executive Producer Harvey Kahn
Executive Producer Debbie Macomber
Executive Producer Dan Wigutow
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