An Hour to Save Your Life

On the Edge

Series 1 - Episode 2 On the Edge



Although medical treatment received in the hour after a critical injury can be the difference between life and death, the doctors don’t just call it a day once the clock has passed the 60-minute mark. So although 68-year-old Mick’s heart has already stopped three times in that period, the doctors keep working on him.

Also reliant on the medics’ perseverance are a young man who’s been stabbed in the chest and a motorbike accident victim. “He’s very lucky,” says Air Ambulance doctor Gareth Davies of one of these three, “because there’s a huge chain of people involved in his care. The system… can nuance his care in a very bespoke way.”


Medics fight to save the lives of a man who suffers a cardiac arrest, a motorcyclist critically injured in a high-speed road accident, and a young man who has been stabbed. Steven Mackintosh narrates the documentary exploring the life-or-death decisions facing doctors in the first critical hour of emergency care, following three patients from the moment the 999 call is made.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Steven Mackintosh
Executive Producer Fiona Caldwell
Series Producer Dov Freedman
Documentary Science