Benidorm ER

Series 3 - Episode 8



Pensioner Dennis is brought in by his two older sisters when he becomes severely bloated. Medical staff pump eight litres of fluid from his stomach and he is rushed to the intensive care unit. Barmaid Janice suffers a panic attack after coming in to the hospital with a sore throat and a lump in her neck, while tourist Margaret arrives in the ER with a severe fever and acute pains in her stomach and back. Steven flew out after an operation in his home town of Glasgow, but was astonished to see a stitch starting to poke out of his scar as he sat by the hotel pool and asks the team to trim off the loose ends and patch him up.

Cast & Crew

Director Matthew Dolan
Director Georgina Kiedrowski
Director Phil Niland
Executive Producer Sarah Murch
Producer Matthew Dolan
Producer Georgina Kiedrowski
Producer Phil Niland
Series Producer Gareth Williams
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