Series 2 - Episode 4 Breakfast



Brilliant Line of Duty is blue heaven if you’re a nitty-gritty police procedure nerd like me – the properly conducted taped interviews (with solicitors present!), the rules and regulations; I even love that the cops wear their passes on lanyards with POLICE stamped across them in big white letters.

It helps to hang on to these details when writer Jed Mercurio asks us to take another big leap of imagination as his stunning tale of murder and corruption enters even darker waters.

Poor Det Insp Lindsay Denton (the excellent Keeley Hawes) is having a terrible time in prison and things just get worse. Meanwhile the anti-corruption cops have to use their lightest tread when their inquiries lead them towards a very big fish. And this might be the time to polish your memories of series one, because you’re going to need them.


Denton implies that Dryden was embroiled in a wider conspiracy, and the discovery of video recordings made by the witness while in protective custody appears to confirm this. Arnott uncovers evidence that a tracker had been planted on one of the convoy vehicles, and when Denton is given special dispensation to visit her dying mother, the AC-12 officers realise too late how much danger she may be in. Drama, starring Keeley Hawes.

Cast & Crew

Lindsay Denton Keeley Hawes
Arnott Martin Compston
Fleming Vicky McClure
Hastings Adrian Dunbar
Cottan Craig Parkinson
Dryden Mark Bonnar
Hargreaves Tony Pitts
Rogerson Christina Chong
Roisin Andrea Irvine
Lightwater Simon Coury
Regan Lucy Miller
Carroll Jackie Howe
Rich Niall MacGregor
Mrs Jackson Victoria Carling
Tommy Brian McCardie
Kasia Julia Krynke
Elizabeth Marty Cruickshank
Bob Ian Beattie
Tessa Claire Hackett
Cole Henry Pettigrew
Prasad Sacha Dhawan
Carly Charlotte Spencer
Lindsay's solicitor Mary Moulds
Akers' solicitor Alexandra Ford
Storage manager Tom Maguire
Director Daniel Nettheim
Producer Peter Norris
Writer Jed Mercurio
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