Britpop at the BBC

Britpop at the BBC


Hopping on the wave of nostalgia generated by the BBC’s special season, this one-off celebrates the Britpopular genre in archive-rummaging fashion.

London-based bands Elastica, Sleeper, Suede and Menswear are all represented, while usual suspects Oasis and Blur depict the swagger and snarl of the 90s, and embody the class warfare that their rivalry morphed into. 


A look at the vibrant form of indie music known as Britpop, which 20 years ago stamped its presence onto the UK cultural scene and led to the notion of `Cool Britannia', as a new wave of bands re-evaluated what it meant to be British. The movement was dominated by the battle between its biggest-selling exponents, Blur and Oasis, who in August 1995 did battle in a memorable bid for the number one spot. The programme also features the bands Elastica, Sleeper, Suede and Menswear.

Cast & Crew

Producer Sasha Duncan