Science of Stupid

Science of Stupid

Series 1 - Episode 1



No matter how often presenter Richard Hammond exhorts viewers not to try the stunts on show here at home, you just know that some numbskulls (and it’s usually the skulls that end up suffering the most) will continue to try car-jumping, tree-felling and pole-dancing to ill effect.

There is an attempt to explain the science behind why so many You’ve Been Framed-style stunts – lovingly captured on phones, usually with sniggering accompaniment – go horribly wrong. So we learn, among other things, “the consequences of misjudging your parabola” for bike jumping, and why so many power-lifters faint, or vomit, or both.

But despite the appliance of science, this is still primarily a chance to wince and avert your eyes as (predominantly) young men take their life in their hands for our entertainment.


Richard Hammond reveals how adventures turn to misadventures as he explores some of the most spectacular and humiliating scientific mishaps.

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Host Richard Hammond
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