One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 5 - Episode 7



The majority of couples anxiously arrive at Southmead Hospital’s maternity ward hoping for one thing: a healthy, bouncing baby. However, this week, there’s one mother-to-be with a slightly different agenda.
Stefanie has four young sons and is desperately hoping her fifth pregnancy will produce a daughter. The pink blankets and booties lie hopefully next to her bed, willing Mother Nature to deliver the desired outcome.
Meanwhile, 20-year-old Antonia has been told her baby may have hearing and sight problems. It’s a frightening prospect for any parent, but particularly one so young. You can’t help but sympathise with Antonia and her ever-supportive boyfriend Alan, as they endure a painfully uncertain wait.


Antonia and Alan come to Southmead's delivery suite not knowing what to expect after their 20-week scan revealed potential eyesight and hearing problems for their baby. Stefanie and Scott, who have four boys, eagerly await the arrival of their next child, hoping it may be a daughter, while Rhys is determined to get involved in the birth as his partner Sophie prepares to become a first-time mother.

Cast & Crew

Director Lucy Kennedy
Executive Producer Sarah Swingler
Producer Lucy Kennedy
Series Producer Amy Joyce