Louis Theroux: Sex Offenders: Among the Sex Offenders

Louis Theroux: Sex Offenders: Among the Sex Offenders

Series 1

Sun 1 Oct 11:40pm - 12:50am RTÉ2


Louis is drawn to difficult subjects that offer challenges for a film-maker, but his innocent (or seemingly innocent), polite approach gets people to open up.

This film is a good example: he’s talking to LA’s so-called “two-nineties”: paroled sex offenders, who have committed deeply disturbing crimes. Under Californian law, after release from prison they must continue under virtual house arrest, with a GPS monitor on their ankles, strict limits on where they can go and a curfew.

They’re sad, remorseful figures, leading a twilight existence as pariahs on the edge of society, but often articulate. Diffident Louis (“If you don’t mind my asking...”) has some painful conversations.


California has some of the toughest regulations controlling sex offenders anywhere in America - after leaving prison they can spend years on parole being tagged and tracked and a lifetime on an online register. In his final film exploring different aspects of life in Los Angeles, Louis Theroux visits hostels to talk to parolees as well as the people charged with monitoring them, and asks whether the restrictions keep society safer and when, if ever, it is right to give sex offenders a second chance.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Louis Theroux
Director Rob Farquhar
Executive Producer Sam Bagnall
Series Producer Rob Farquhar