Series 1 - Episode 6 Fights



An ex-colleague of DS Ellis's called Marcus Jakes turns up on the radar after infiltrating a gang of racketeers, led by an uncompromising character whose interests centre on a vicious underground fight club. Rebecca still trusts Jakes, but Moreland believes he may have turned into `a dirty cop', so Jesse pulls on his gloves and gets into the ring, while Moreland plays a man looking to hire a contract killer in a bid to expose the truth. Canadian crime drama, guest starring Aaron Abrams (Rookie Blue), alongside Vincent Walsh and Chandra West.

Cast & Crew

Detective John Moreland Vincent Walsh
Detective Sergeant Rebecca Ellis Chandra West
Detective Constable Maria Cortez Lisa Marcos
Detective Constable Daniel Price Dwain Murphy
Officer Khali Bhatt Agam Darshi
Officer Jesse Calvert Adam Butcher
Marcus Jakes Aaron Abrams
Raman Carlos Gonzalez-Vio
Gavin Schwab Michael Reventar
Abi Dani Kind
Duffy Steve Boyle
Director Jerry Ciccoritti
Executive Producer Janis Lundman
Executive Producer Adrienne Mitchell
Executive Producer Greg Nelson
Executive Producer Michael Prupas
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