Line of Duty

Series 2 - Episode 2



You are surely still catching your breath after the outrageous conclusion to episode one of Jed Mercurio’s exhilarating thriller. Well, keep panting because the second instalment delivers more carefully measured shocks. Granted, the pace isn’t as screamingly full-on as it was last week, but it doesn’t need to be because here we are properly immersed in the fallout of that ambush, where police officers were murdered and a protected witness suffered serious injuries.

Detective Inspector Lindsay Denton (Keeley Hawes, who’s really very good) is in the frame. She’s behaving suspiciously, her story about what happened on that violent night doesn’t hang together and she is capable of angry outbursts. The anti-corruption cops headed by the seemingly implacable Hastings (the faintly terrifying Adrian Dunbar) are sure she’s guilty. To say any more would be wrong – we are in the company of shapeshifters and liars. Anything can happen.


Following the tragedy at the hospital, Fleming continues to work under cover in missing persons and looks into the disappearance of 15-year-old Carly Kirk, a case in which Denton appears to have a personal interest. The under-suspicion detective also starts to scrutinise the background of the AC-12 officers and gathers compromising evidence to use against the anti-corruption team.

Cast & Crew

Lindsay Denton Keeley Hawes
Arnott Martin Compston
Fleming Vicky McClure
Hastings Adrian Dunbar
Dryden Mark Bonnar
Hargreaves Tony Pitts
Jo Liz White
O'Neill Michael Nardone
Mallick Steve Toussaint
Rogerson Christina Chong
Georgia's mum Breige Roche
Georgia's dad Gavin Neilly
Roisin Andrea Irvine
Lorna Tara Lynne O'Neill
Michelle Roseanna Barry
Claire Jeany Spark
Cole Henry Pettigrew
Tessa Claire Hackett
Bob Ian Beattie
Rich Niall MacGregor
Ronson Richard Huw
Royal Philip Wright
Custody sergeant Mark Asante
Director Douglas Mackinnon
Producer Peter Norris
Writer Jed Mercurio
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