Into the Wilderness

Series 5 - Episode 4 Into the Wilderness



Given the choice between going camping with Ben (it’s on Pete’s “50 things to do with your kids before they become teenagers” list) and almost anything else, you’d think the latter would be the preferable option. But although Ben catches some unfortunate doggers in the traps he’s set, he does manage to bond with his dad while they’re being Bear Grylls in the woods.

Sue has no such luck. She’s alarmed that Karen has body issues fuelled by the skinny Stacey, who is happily oblivious to the effect rhapsodising about diets and plastic surgery has on a young girl. Makes a night in a tent with Ben seem downright attractive.


Ben is keen to show off his wilderness survival skills when he and his dad go off on a camping trip. Jake has a big decision to make about his education, while Pete's Australian goddaughter Stacey has outstayed her welcome, and Sue can't wait to see the back of her. Hugh Dennis, Claire Skinner, Daniel Roche and Tyger Drew-Honey star.

Cast & Crew

Sue Claire Skinner
Pete Hugh Dennis
Jake Tyger Drew-Honey
Ben Daniel Roche
Karen Ramona Marquez
Stacey Emily Berrington
Director Guy Jenkin
Director Andy Hamilton
Producer Guy Jenkin
Producer Andy Hamilton
Writer Guy Jenkin
Writer Andy Hamilton
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