The Truth About Webcam Girls

The Truth About Webcam Girls


Earning hundreds of pounds a day from the comfort of your own home sounds ideal on paper. But for the thousands of British women who regularly perform for paying customers on adult webcam sites, the reality is more complicated.

Not recommended for viewers of a sensitive disposition, this frank documentary follows three busy models as they juggle everyday life with the demands of their job.

A former porn star, Sammie was badly scarred by her time spent in the industry. Desperate to move on and study psychology, she nevertheless claims to have a greater sense of control in her current position. Her domestic situation is certainly unusual: while her long-suffering girlfriend cooks dinner in the kitchen, Sammie is hard at work in the living room.

Porn star Carla has found a novel way of incorporating kitchen chores into her webcam routine: she often lets customers watch her make lunch in her underwear. “It's absolutely bizarre, but people pay for it,” she chuckles. But her mum, who doubles as her agent, wishes she'd jack it all in. 

Meanwhile Olivia, who has spent over £5,000 on cosmetic surgery, operates a strict no-nudity policy. But as the market grows ever more competitive, she may have to accept defeat and abandon her last shred of dignity.

The programme leaves us in no doubt that webcam modelling is a lonely, difficult business. Carla longs for a serious boyfriend, but her work puts people off. And Sammie's relationship is put under strain when her partner's friends learn about her past. What price easy money? 


Documentary providing an insight into the world of adult webcamming, meeting three online models to find out what it's like baring all for strangers around the world. Former porn star Sammie, 25, has starred in more than 100 adult movies, but her experiences in the industry have left her emotionally scarred, while 24-year-old Carla is willing to try most things in her line of work, and has learned much about men's secret desires. Ambitious glamour model Olivia, 24, refuses to go fully nude, but faces fierce competition from those willing to strip off for the camera.

Cast & Crew

Director Chris Atteshlis
Executive Producer Mira King
Producer Chris Atteshlis