Series 2 - Episode 4 Provenance



This edition veers off the rails when restaurateur and Great British Menu judge Oliver Peyton delivers a curious on-screen rant. The programme’s theme is “provenance” – the idea being that since the horsemeat scandal, we’re all more aware of where our food comes from. So Michel Roux Jr demonstrates a recipe for home-made hot dogs (involving smoked lard and frozen milk, interestingly) and Cornish forager Tom Hunt collects prawns and elderberries.

But Peyton’s contribution is to bemoan the “moral maze” of food labelling – Soil Association, Fair Trade, dolphin-friendly, “It’s just insane!” he wails. “At the end of the day food is just food!” Really? Isn’t the premise of a cookery show that all food is very much not the same?


Chef Gennaro Contaldo joins Michel Roux Jr in the kitchen to create an authentic lasagne with focaccia from scratch, while Kate Goodman offers a guide to choosing the right Italian red wine to make the perfect match. Great British Menu judge and restaurateur Oliver Peyton joins them for a debate on whether people should care more about where their food comes from.

Cast & Crew

Host Michel Roux Jr
Contributor Kate Goodman
Contributor Gennaro Contaldo
Contributor Oliver Peyton
Executive Producer Robi Dutta
Series Producer Hannah Corneck
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