Throwing Eggs

Series 2 - Episode 1 Throwing Eggs



The first series of these adaptations of PG Wodehouse stories came in for a good kicking from some quarters, which seemed out of proportion considering they were enjoyable bits of candy floss and hardly Broadchurch. But viewers liked them, so here’s a second helping, with Timothy Spall once again starring as pin-brained, pig-obsessed toff Lord Emsworth and Jennifer Saunders as his battleaxe of a sister, Connie.

Tim Vine, much missed after his departure from Not Going Out, takes over from Mark Williams as Beach, the clever butler. Harry Enfield guests in the first episode as the claret-nosed Duke of Dunstable, an appalling old buffer with an inexplicable antipathy towards whistling Scotsmen.


Period comedy based on the stories by PG Wodehouse, starring Timothy Spall as the befuddled Lord Emsworth - known to his friends as Clarence - and Jennifer Saunders as his indomitable sister Connie. The obnoxious Duke of Dunstable has come to stay, causing all manner of mayhem - but that turns out to be the least of Clarence's problems when he discovers his house guest has a dastardly plan to get him out of the way. Harry Enfield and Mathew Baynton guest star, with Tim Vine joining the cast as loyal butler Beach.

Cast & Crew

Clarence Timothy Spall
Connie Jennifer Saunders
Freddie Jack Farthing
Beach Tim Vine
Duke of Dunstable Harry Enfield
Pongo Mathew Baynton
McAllister Ron Donachie
Linda Ruby Bentall
Sir Roderick Glossop Geoffrey McGivern
Director Mandie Fletcher
Producer Matthew Mulot
Writer Guy Andrews
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