Piers Morgan's Life Stories

Piers Morgan's Life Stories: Ian Botham

Series 11 - Episode 7 Piers Morgan's Life Stories: Ian Botham



In the final edition of the current series, the oleaginous inquisitor chats to rebellious cricketing legend Ian Botham.

The man who would be Beefy is on candid form – admittedly, guests have little choice but to spill their guts in this leering crucible of tabloid tittle-tattle – as he talks about the effect his highly publicised two-year affair had on his marriage; the tragic death of his unborn baby 24 weeks into his wife's pregnancy; and her reaction to the discovery of cannabis in their home.

After a fashion, they even find time to talk about cricket. “If I could give you a choice of the best sex of your life, or a brilliant hundred at Lords, what would you take?” asks Morgan, with typical tact. Beefy doesn't hesitate: “Hundred at Lords, every day of the week.”

Passionate about his calling, he reveals how his life changed dramatically after winning the Ashes almost single-handedly in 1981. He also discusses his commendable dedication to nation-spanning charity walks in aid of sick children. Having raised millions over the years, he was knighted by the Queen in 2007.

But it hasn't turned his head. “It's a great honour, but I don't say, 'You've got to call me Sir Ian.' I'm still Beefy and that's what I always want to be.”


The former cricketer joins Piers to discuss his life and career as one of Britain's most successful and controversial sportsmen. He looks back at the heroic 1981 Ashes win, speaks about sex and drug allegations against him, and opens up about the two-year affair that nearly cost him his marriage. Ian also recalls the occasion when, after a night on the tiles, he went out to bat - without a bat.