Dead Man Dancing

Series 2 - Episode 2 Dead Man Dancing



Max and Fenton investigate a spate of counterfeit notes, and wonder if it is a coincidence that pickpocket Brody suddenly seems well-off. Meanwhile, Gina is put forward for a risky assignment, and the outcome of the boxing match leaves everyone reeling.

Cast & Crew

DI Max Harper Ben Turner
Sgt Sidney Fenton Charlie De'Ath
WPC Gina Dawson Jennie Jacques
Lenny Powell Michael Higgs
Linus Brody Tim Plester
Chief Constable Coulson John Bowler
Chief Inspector Briggs Mark Healy
Desk Sgt Swift James Barriscale
PC Tommy Perkins Liam Jeavons
Susie Nightingale Rachel Leskovac
Rebecca Jones Jessica Duncan
Rosie Turner Emma Cooke
Ned Garrett Michael Ryan
Chris Hutton Danny Szam
Lottie Harris Alicia Charles
Michael Maddock Nigel Travis
Stella Monckton Angela Lonsdale
Harry Walker Tony Turner
Charlie Crane Paul McEwan
Boxing Commentator Jonathan Rigby
Lizzy Maddock Harmonie Lloyd
Jazz singer Laura Jean Clinton
Director Niall Fraser
Executive Producer Will Trotter
Producer Carol Harding
Series Producer Mike Hobson
Writer Dominique Moloney
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